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Team Profile

Allan Conlin (Managing Director)

Allan Conlin

Allan has 20 years experience working within the Ecological Surveying field Having studied Marine Biology In Rhode Island, USA , Allan graduated from Porstmouth University with a BSc  Hons Biology in 1994.

As an Ornithologist he has travelled extensively including Antarctica , South East Asia and North and South America. Allan is further qualified as JNCC accredited Marine Mammal Observer and PO. In addition Allan holds several protected species licences including those for Great crested Newts.

Allan has extensive experience working within the renewable energy sector both on and offshore and holds ESAS (European Sea Birds at Sea) certification, an industry benchmark for consistency and quality. He has sat on his County's Rarities Committee for over 5 years.

A full member of CIEEM

Eddie Williams (Principal Ornithologist)

Eddie William

Eddie has been a birder for over 30 years. He is vastly experienced in all aspects of British bird species and possesses an outstanding understanding of bird behavior, songs and calls

In addition to Pan-European experience Eddie is considered one of the foremost experts in Cameroonian birds where Eddie also undertook Ornithological field work for Bird Life International.

Eddie has several published papers on Birds in Africa.

Eddie has been with AMC for several years and is familiar with all Ornithological survey techniques including Breeding Birds, Wintering Birds and VP’s.

Having undertaken numerous Ornithological Surveys on some of the UK’s most recent and high profile Civil engineering programmes, Eddie is an adept and experienced field Ornithologists.

Eddie is an Associate member of CIEEM

Paul French (Ornithologist)

Paul French

Paul has over 15 years of experience in ornithological surveys. After gaining a BSc (Hons) in Wildlife Conservation, he initially worked for NGO's including the RSPB, Fair Isle Bird Observatory and the Barn Owl Trust. Paul has undertaken a vast array of survey work. This includes Vantage Point, Breeding Bird Survey and winter walkover surveys in a variety of upland and lowland habitats, seabird population and productivity monitoring on Shetland and species specific survey work including a county wide population survey of Cornwall's Barn Owls, Red-throated Diver population monitoring and Nightjar population surveys. Paul is an ESAS accredited offshore bird surveyor, and has well over 1000 hours of offshore survey experience in British waters. He is also a trained Marine Mammal Observer. He has acted as Party Chief on offshore surveys in the North Sea.

Paul has been a birder for as long as he can remember, and has travelled to Africa, the Middle East and Asia in the pursuit of birds. He now sits on the British Birds Rarities Committee and leads guided birdwatching tours for Sunbird in the Middle East and Asia.

Manu Santa-Cruz (Biologist)

Manu Santa-Cruz

Originally from Spain, Manu has many years' experience working for SEO (the Spanish R.S.P.B equivalent. On moving to the UK several years ago he continued his work with SEO and undertook several years' field survey work looking at the effects of agricultural insecticides on the breeding populations of ground nesting species. Additionally Manu has extensive experience in radio tracking both birds and mammals.

An adept nest finder Manu is a highly skilled Ornithologist with pan European experience. Additionally Manus worldwide Ornithological experience includes Cuba, Oman, Morocco and Sri Lanka.

Manus principal role at AMCEcological is to manage and implement most of our Ornithology surveys across the UK.

David Haigh (Ornithologist)

David Haigh

After a career at sea David joined AMCEcological in 2012. David undertakes a number of survey types across the ecological survey spectrum and specialises in Bat, Newt and Bird Surveys.

His birding travels include SE Asia, South America, Latin America and more recently Costa Rica and Ethiopia.

David has international bird survey experience having undertaken many bird surveys in Bulgaria over several years. He is exceptionally accurate and a dedicated field worker with many years of field experience under his belt.

Kenny Dummigan (Ornithologist)

Kenny Dummigan

Kenny is an outstanding ornithologist with over 45 years field based experience. His knowledge of bird identification both by sight and call is outstanding.

Kenny has for many years' undertaken WEBS counts and contributed data to demonstrate national trends in wader and wildfowl numbers.

Before joining AMC, Kenny was the Wildlife crime officer for Merseyside Police. As such Kenny's detailed knowledge of wildlife legislation is essential in understanding the implications this may have on our client's projects.

In addition to an extensive knowledge of European species, Kenny's birding experience includes periods of time spent in North Africa, SE Asia, Middle East and the Americas.

In addition to bird surveys Kenny has undertaken several Great crested Newt and Bat surveys whilst with AMCEcological

Sarah Maslen (Ecologist)

Sarah Maslen

Sarah has a BSc (Hons.) in Environmental Sciences and a MSc in Ecology and Management of the Natural Environment. She is a full member of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM). Her background is in the water and renewable energy industries, with recent work on major infrastructure and housing developments. Prior to this she was a volunteer with the Birmingham and the Black Country Wildlife Trust.

Sarah has worked as a commercial ecologist for over 10 years with extensive field, project management, Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW) and reporting experience including surveys for great crested newts, reptiles, badgers, bats, otters, water vole, phase 1 habitat surveys and phase 2 botanical surveys. She holds survey licences for great crested newts covering England, Wales and Scotland. She has designed and overseen numerous mitigation proposals for protected species, in particular great crested newts. In relation to Ecological Clerk of Works roles, Sarah is experienced in working on construction sites and conducting toolbox talks and holds a CSCS Professionally Qualified Person card. She has had regular involvement in authoring and reviewing a range of reports including Preliminary Ecological Appraisals (PEAs) and Ecological Impact Assessments (EcIAs) and has a sound understanding of ecological legislation and its relevance to development projects. She also designs and specifies suitable native biodiversity enhancements for projects with the aim of achieving a net gain for wildlife.

Simon Parkes (Ecologist)

Simon Parkes

A full member of CIEEM, Simon is a skilled Ecologist with ten years of experience in Ecological field surveying and reporting in accordance with best practice guidance.

Particular areas of expertise include Great Crested Newt surveys for which Simon is a license holder. He also has extensive experience in other protected species surveying including bats, badger, water vole, otter and reptiles. Simon is also proficient at conducting Phase 1 habitat surveys.

Simon has a lifelong personal interest in Ecology which enables him to conduct field surveys and produce reports to the highest standards.

In his spare time, Simon has keen interests in ornithology and botany.

Joel Kimber (Ecologist)

Joel Kimber

Joel is a versatile ecologist with twenty years’ experience training and working in both academia and industry. He completed a bachelor’s degree in marine biology and a master’s degree in coastal management at Newcastle University, followed by a PhD at Cranfield University investigating electroreceptive foraging behaviour and possible interactions with anthropogenic sources of electric fields.

He then worked as a consultant at the Centre for Marine and Coastal Studies Limited for nearly ten years undertaking and managing a broad spectrum of surveys of invertebrates, fish, birds, mammals and habitats as part of pre-consent characterisation and post-consent monitoring programmes, in addition to authoring environmental impact assessments and formulating mitigation plans for a wide range of clients in various industry sectors.

He is therefore familiar with environmental legislation relating to a range of development projects. Joel is ESAS and JNCC MMO certified, holds a Great Crested Newt licence and is a full member of the Institute of Marine Science and Technology (IMarEST), the Charted Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) and the Marine Mammal Observers’ Association (MMOA).

Jeremy Bradshaw (Ecologist)

Jeremy Bradshaw

Jeremy has been an RSPB leader for over 15 years and joined AMC in 2013. He was one of the founder members of the Wirral Barn Owl Trust which was set up to improve the breeding success of Barn Owls

Over many decades he has been involved in bird surveys for breeding birds, wintering birds and ‘species specific’ surveys. He has carried out such activities for organisations such as the RSPB, BTO, CAWOS and Merseyside Ringing Group.

Jeremy’s principal roles at AMC are to lead on Bird and Reptile surveys as well as undertaking surveys for Bats, Badgers , Great crested Newts , Otters and Water Voles.

Jeremy’s international experience extends to much of Westrern Europe and Scandinavia

Emma Hickson (Ecologist)

Emma Hickson

Emma has a first class BSc (Hons) in Zoology from Liverpool John Moores University where she graduated in 2017. She joined AMC in 2017 and has already had experience of a many different survey types including Great crested Newt, Birds, Hedgerows, Badger Bait marking , Water Vole and Phase 1 habitat surveys.

Emma is now an integral part of the AMC team and we are delighted she is continuing with her studies starting a Masters Degree in Conservation Biology.

John Gilbody (Ecologist)

John Gilbody

John has over 30 years Ecology survey experience in either voluntary or a professional capacity. Having left a successful twenty-year career in the Engineering Industry to look after his young family, John has recently joined us as a part time ecologist. His areas of expertise include, Reptile, Bats, Great crested Newts and in particular birds. Johns degree in is Countryside Conservation and recreation Management.