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Survey Calendar

Survey Type Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Habitats / Vegetations Phase 1 and NVC (sub optimum) Phase 1 and NVC Phase 1 and NCV (sub optimum)
Badgers Survey for setts Bait marking and sett surveys Limited bait marking and sett surveys Sett surveys Limited sett/bait surveys
Bats Potential roost and internal surveys are possible all year round. Tree surveys are best undertaken in winter when there is limited leaf cover
  Inspection of hibernation roosts Limited activity Summer roosts emergency surveys and activity surveys Limited activity Winter species
Birds Winter species Breeding birds / migrant species Breeding birds Low activity Migrant species Winter species
Dormice Gnawed hazel nut searches Nest tube survey (April to November)
Gnawed hazel nut search (September to December)
Great Crested Newts Newts in hibernation Pond surveys. Four surveys between March & June; two must be between mid-April and mid-May.
Terrestrial surveys
Terrestrial survey. Larvae surveys Terrestrials survey Newts in hibernation
Otters Survey at all times subject to weather conditions and vegetation cover
Reptiles Reptiles hibernating Surveys undertaken - peak times are April and May Sub-optimum Peak survey month Sub-optimum Reptiles hibernating
Key Surveys Recommended Sub-optimal survey period Surveys not possible